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Bear in Honey Branch section of Russell County Virginia    

Locals say there are around 10 bears that regularly stop by the Honey Branch dumpters for fast food!

Bear in St. Paul, Wise County Virginia boarding Russell County Virginia 

 St Paul Virginia is around 20 miles from where I live and just a few miles from Honey Branch section of Russell County, Virginia.

Two 4 point Bucks

My partner and I saw these two Bucks on the Virginia-West Virginia line on top of Hurley Mountain, in Buchanan County, Virginia. They were not afraid of our ambulance and looked as if they were playing tag!


Doe herd on Baptist Valley Road, Tazewell, Virginia.


 Spotted this Doe in Hidden Valley Lake part of Jefferson National Forrest.


Elk In the Gravelick section of Russell County Virginia Photo by: Jarod Morris


Beaver Dam In the Buzzard Roost section of Russell County Virginia. Photo by: Philbo Griffith


Beaver Hut About 30 feet above from Beaver Dam. Photo by: Philbo Griffith


Beaver Hut  Photo by: Philbo Griffith


Update on Beaver Dam The owners of the land tried to disrupt our Beaver friends by destroying their dam. But the Beaver family had different plans! Now there are several dams that make a small lake its amazing. I guess its against the law to destroy a Beaver hut because it still stands as seen in the last picture of this series. The Beavers started to rebuild above this area and worked below this area using small dam networks.

Dove In Her Nest I tried to get as close to her as possible without disturbing her. I love doves and their peacfull call. When I feed the chickens I always throw a little more out for the wild birds.



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