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Its my goal through the cameras eye to show the many beautiful places around which I live and work. 

The Pinnacle Rock West Virginia State Park

The Park was closed for the season I will try to get back with more photos. I only had my phone camera next time I will bring my Kodac 712 with better zoom capabilities. When the park is opened it would be a nice place to visit for a day perhaps with a picnic!


The park is located just outside of Bluefield, WV in the community of Bluewell. 

 This is the front of the Pinnacle. Like I mentioned already the park was closed for the season

and I hope to get back and take better pictures of the mountain view. 


 The top picture and two bottom are pictures of the back of the Pinnacle.


 I tried to do my best to capture the sun rays that I saw shining against the rock but I

only had my phone camera. The bottom picture I was trying to capture the depth and that 

a hiking trail just below the Pinnacle. 




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